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From Germany to Tatarstan: Exhibition on 600 years of German-Tatar cultural history and Islam in Brandenburg-Prussia

Historians and Turkologists were on a joint tour through places with a scientifically relevant history in the context of German-Tatar cultural contacts. The joint journey took place within the scope of two projects, which are carried out as a cooperation of ICATAT with the Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan. On the one hand it is the project of the exhibition „Turks, Moors and Tartars. Islam in Brandenburg-Prussia / 600 years of German-Tartar cultural contacts“. On the other hand, it is the project „Tombs of the Fallen from Tatarstan in Europe“. The Tatars-Tombs project is still going to run for the next 3 years. The exhibition will be opened on 24th May 2017 in the Museum of Islamic Cultures in the main mosque of the Republic Tatarstan. The Qul Sharif mosque with museum is located on the Kremlin site of the Tatarstanian capital Kazan and is a UNESCO World Heritage ensemble.

Here in our MediaReview are to find some press releases concerning both of our cooperation projects. Diverse Media like mdr television, mdr broadcoast, Altmark-Zeitung, Volksstimme, Focus, BILD, Märkische Allgemeine a.o. launched features and articles regarding the tour and the oncoming exhibition in Tatarstan in cooperation with our colleagues from Marjani-Institute for History. The exhibition catalogue is to be find here for download.

VSt Print 5.5.2017

Dr. Liliya Gabdrafikova (above from left), Prof. Dr. Radik Salikhov, Dr. Stephan Theilig, Dr. Marat Gibatdinov und Dr. Mieste Hotopp-Riecke

Eine Video-Reportage von Radio Free Europe (Prag) über unsere Ausstellung in Tatarstan (eine Version mit deutschen Untertiteln folgt in Kürze).

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