The 7. ICATAT-Summer-Colloquium succesfull conducted @ University Greifswald / Branche Hiddensee Island from June 24. to July 2. Theme of our annual meeting this year was „Mare Balticum: Kreuzwege der Inspiration“ / „Mare Balticum: crossroads of Inspiration“ with discussions, workshops and lectures concerning botanics ( rheum barbaricum / flora tartaricea), intellectualls between Urals, Bosphorus and Baltic Sea; uprising in totalitarian systems; Muslim broadcasting in Northern Countries, literature and stereotypes; EuroIslamDiscourses in Germany and Eastern Europe as well as art and inspiration @ Hiddensee, Crimea and Princess Islands @ Marmara Sea. We would like to thank all of our supporters, partners and paricipants!  See us next year at Hiddensee Island.