The international conference „Documents on Tatar culture and history in foreign archives“ conducted succesfully at Shigabuddin Marjani-Institute for history of the Academy of sciences, Republic Tatarstan, from 1.-3. october 2014. With one lecture and two book presentations the ICATAT-Institute Germany took part very activly. Two books were presented at the Academy of Sciences, Republic Tatararhiv_logostan, as a result of cooperations between scientific institutions of Germany and Tatarstan of the last three years: The volume „Outland. Vicinity. Homeland“, a book edited by Institute for Caucasica-, Tatarica- and Turkestan Studies (ICATAT, Germany). The articles are focusing on the German-Tatar intercultural contacts in times of Napoleonic wars. The second publication, presented in Kazan Kremlin, was the catalogue resulting from a exhibition oft he Brandenburg-Prussia-Museum, situated in Wustrau near Berlin. The exhibition „Turks, Moors and Tatars. Muslims in Brandenburg-Prussia“, designed and curated by Dr. Stephan Theilig (BPW/ICATAT) is showing first time ever in Germany the long tradition of Muslim migration towards Germany and contacts between Germans and Tatars through over 350 exponates. Which images, stories, events in science, pedagogics and culture this books are provoking  was been explaint at the presentation on 2 octobre 2014, Märdzhäni-Institute for History, Academy of Sciences of the Republic Tatarstan, Kremlin, entrance 5,

The Program  for download as pdf-file is use to find here.