Youth Exchange project combining history, human rights education and turkology (in framework „Europeans for Peace„) started on World day of Peace, 1. September 2014, realised till december 2014)

We did combine the fields of history research and human rights education through bringing young people’s together and set them in sustainable international networks. This was a Project by the Institute for Caucasica-, Tatarica- and Turkestan-Studies Magdeburg/Berlin (ICATAT) in cooperation with KREATIV, Vinnytsia Regional Centre for Information (Ukraine), supported by the Foundation „Remembrance, Responsibility, Future“ (EVZ) financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Federal Republic of Germany. The Youth workshop brought young peoples from Germany and Ukraine together in order to discover, compare and discuss the history of the development of human rights organisations, the advancement of struggle for citizen rights, laws and initiatives on national, European and international level. We are dealing with this issues by using the case fall of the human rights movement of the Crimean Tatars in USSR and later Ukraine on one hand as well as the campaigns concerning the Crimean Tatar problems edited by the Society for threatened People International (GfbV, Germany).

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Object of the workshop is the unique example of Crimean Tatar struggle for the right of return from deportation, for the right of homeland, citizenship, participation, right on mother tongue and freedom of speech since the deletion of the Crimean Democratic Republic in 1918 and especially since the deportation in 1944. The GfbV is developing and executing urgent actions, appeals and campaigns for supporting this Crimean Tatar citizen rights movement since 45 years. The single Crimean Tatar deputy of Verkhovna Rada in Kiev, the former president of the Crimean Tatar national assembly Milliy Meclis, Mustafa Cemilev, is the laureate of GfbV-Human rights award named Victor-Gollancz-Price. We ask in our mixed Ukrainian-German-Tatar working group for the history of the struggle for human rights in both European/national as well as international dimension.


Teamer and specialists of the Federalist Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) as well as Human Rights activists from different countries attended at the general assembly of GfbV in autumn 2014. Our working group observed and participated there. After two days of learning together in roll plays, lectures and round tables we did practices at the general assembly of the Society for threatend People as well as observed the Kiev Dialogue as guests. We discussed human rights issues at the Georg-August-University Göttingen (Departement for Turkology), at the Humboldt-University together with collegues from Society for Threatened People, PRAVO Berlin, the EuroMaidanWache Berlin, InfoPointKrim Berlin and visited the Mosque of Göttingen and discussed there with the Imam.

In November took place the second part of our project in Kiev and Vinnitsya in Ukraine, mainly organized by our partners of KREATIV Vinnitsya and KrymSOS.


Here is our „Project Review“ for download (work in progress to be updated daily) as a pdf-file  as well as our video-statement and photo impressions of our workshop. The whole stuff (article, essays, documents, resolutions) will be available soon as a book published by Prof. Dr. Dr. Umland.

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