helsinki-universityIn Helsinki took place the international conference TATAR CULTURE AND RESEARCH, 16−17 May 2013, at the University of Helsinki. Dr. Marat Gibatdinov (Academy of Science Republic of Tatarstan / ICATAT adv.board) and Dr. des. Mieste Hotopp-Riecke (Head of ICATAT) participate with two lectures („The Image of Muslims and Tatars in the European History Textbooks“, Gibatdinov;  „Tatarica research in Germany – Exercise and potentiality. New documents concerning Tatar-German history (1420´s-1786) as an instrument in intercultural education“, Hotopp-Riecke). The scientific event was organised by the The Academy of Finland research project The Governance of Transnational Islam (The Study of Religions, Faculty of Theology) and Islamic Congregation of Finland. The complete Conference Program is use to be find here.uni_uh_logo

In theakademy finland framework of the scientific meeting well prepared events were organised. The conference participants were guests of honour at a commemoration evening in memory of the famous finnish Tatar writer Hasan Hamidullah (1900-1988). The guests visited the House of Tatar Culture, where is situated the Tatar kindergarden, library, mesdzhit and rehearsal rooms. A excursion to an old Tatar settlement of Finland, the city of Järvenpää, including a visit to the oldest mosque of Finland was very awe-inspiring as well as the tribute to the fallen finnish-Tatar Soldiers of Worls War II. Together with a General of the Finnish army and the Imam of the Muslim Community of Finland the international guests pay their respect to the ancestors of the Tatar community; who fought in second world war.


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