As part of the 80th anniversary celebration of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw, the Department of Turkish Studies and Inner Asian Peoples was organizing the Second International Symposium of Turkology „Questions and Developments of Modern Turkology”, 12-14th September 2012. ( )


The main focus of the Second International Symposium of Turkology were modern studies and research on the culture and language of Turkey and Turkic peoples.  „Turkology  is usually understood as language and literature studies, but nowadays it encompasses almost all fields and specialities of  scientific research, thus we may say it has become an interdisciplinary field though language and culture are still basics for its research.“ argued the organizing committee.  At the last year’s meeting were discussed mainly issues like language, literature and history as well as methods of teaching and popularising these subjects. This year the participants created space for exchange of experiences in Turkish studies as well as for finding common ways and methods of solving content-related and other essential problems. The aim of this year’s meeting was also to consider future perspectives for studies and work of turcologists.
Below is shown the list of main topics which were dicussed at the 2012 Symposium:
1. language and literature
2. politics and history
3. traditional and modern culture
4. social life
5. fine arts
6. economy – influence on Turkish culture
7. state of research and studies
8. organization and financing of international research and studies

The ICATAT-Members Stephan Theilig and Mieste Hotopp-Riecke gave lectures concerning new perspectives on Prussian-Tatar relationships in contexts of military-, diplomacy and cultur history.