ICATAT-Projekte als Masterclasses auf III. Allrussischem Festival der Pädagogen

ALABUGA, Tatarstan

In the framework of the International III. All-Russian Festival of Pedagoges several ICATAT-project -designs were presented as two Master-Classes  at the Federeal State University Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, at the Alabuga Institute. For half a week in the middle of August 2012 came together more than 200 teachers, scientists and education politicians from all Tatarstan municipalities, from several Russian regions like Saratov, Altay and Moscow and outside Russian Federation from Singapore, Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, Netherlands and Lithuania as well as hundrets of students and journalists. The festival took place on the grounds of the Yelabuga Institute which was founded . In the three days, over 70 master classes, held by acknowledged teachers, including Teacher of the Year competition winners, were given. Important was also to get the possibility to meet colleagues and discuss on the floors new project ideas.

One of the ICATAT-master-classes dealt with „The right on education in mother tongue in the framework of State Education System of
Germany“. In this master class the participants get an overview regarding the school systems of the officially approved national minorities of the Federal Republic of Germany/FRG as there are the Danish, Sorbs, Frisians, Sinti and Roma as well as their struggle for rescuing theirs national cultural heritages. On the other side there are a huge number of migrant communities in FRG like the Turks, Arabs, Russian, Kurds, Vietnamese etc. How they are use to reach social-political participation and how deals the state with their right on mother tongue education in contrast to the above mentioned officially approved ethnic minorities?
Together with the participants we discussed these topics and compared the circumstances with regional situations in Russian Federation.






The second ICATAT-Master-Class titled

Human-rights-education and regional history teaching as a field of NGO-trainings.

The multi-ethnic conditions of mostly all regions of Europe demanding in times of globalisation and labour migration new approaches on teaching common history of both: The history of inter-ethnic as well as inter-religious relationships of peoples in Eurasia. We did examine, discover and discuss new ways of history teaching by NGO institutions in FRG (for instance history teaching by using material regarding Tatar-German history of regional archives in FRG as well as the adult and scholar-programm „The Pasha of Magdeburg“). The pupils should aware and rescue their common and their separate cultural identity by knowing the national heritage: Every regional history is due to a wider context.

Every scientist from abroad was supportd by a local academic: Mieste Hotopp-Riecke and Lenara Ilyazova from KFU EI.
Together with Dr. Marat Mingaliyevitch Gibatdinov. Back ground: Memorial of Ibrahim ben Muhammad I., the Bolgar Emir who founded ALabuga around 985 a.d.
Traditinonell Songs and Melodies of the Tatars and Bashkirs (by using the Qoray-flute).
Teaching Tatar-German relations in a context of regional intercultural history and human rights context is one of the main issues of ICATAT-seminars.

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