May 26 – 30, 2010 at the Institute for Turcology, Free University of Berlin

The Study Group on “Music of the Turkic-speaking World“ within the ICTM International Council for Traditional Music
(UNESCO/NGO) will set in its Second Meeting a focuss on free-metric singing traditions within a far-reaching and
complexe cultural area, determined by its transcontinental hugeness as well as its manifold interactions of most
different and partly also marginal cultures. Which are the genres containing free-metric singing? Which are the
structures of poetry and music? What is their meaning for every individual person, f. i. of being an identifying marker?
What is the role of the performers in the society, which are the grades of estimation by the society?

The complete program here

The conference is
sponsored by the Fritz
Thyssen Foundation

foto: © Dorit Klebe
grafi c-design : Karin Huhn