In September 2009 will take place a international congress organised and held by the „Orientalistic Society of Poland“ accomplished at Jagiellonen-University in the city of Cracow. ICATAT is involved in organising panels, contacting artists and scientists from islamic communities in Eastern Europa, Caucasus and Turkestan as well as around the world. This event is supported by UNESCO.



The first Polish conference devoted to the art of Islam and relationship between art of Islamic countries (especially Arabian states, Turkey, Iran, Tatars, Central Asia) and Europe will be a general meeting of specialists (art historians, orientalists etc.) which should allow us to delineate the present situation in this area of research in Poland and Central Europe as well as to outline most important directions of its development. It should also be a forum of exchange and presentation of the results of the participants’ own research.

The organizers extend the invitation also to researchers from all Asian and European centres. We expect the conference to establish new contacts between these circles and Polish specialists.

In the research field of Polish art historians and orientalists some important topics appear which are supposed to prevail in conference contributions:


illuminated manuscripts and calligraphy,

applied art,

ornament and iconography,

art and artistic taste,

genesis of national arts,

modern and contemporary art,

relationship between art of Islamic countries and Europe (especially ancient Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Crimea, Russia and Balkans) ,

European visions of Islamic art,

Islamic art in European collections.

The conference languages will be English. Presentations should be no longer than 20 min.

There is no conference fee. Participants from abroad will be assisted with the accommodation booking, especially non-expensive guest rooms in museums and similar institutions.

The organizers of the conference: Dr. Beata Biedronska-Slota (Head of Cracow Branch of the Polish Society of Oriental Art; National Museum in Cracow – ), Prof. Dr. Swietlana Czerwonnaja (Deputy Head of Torun Branch of the Polish Society of Oriental Art; Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun – ), Prof. Dr. Jerzy Malinowski (President of the Polish Society of Oriental Art; Nicolaus Copernicus University ).

Please kindly send your contribution proposals with a short abstract (about 100 words in English) till January 31, 2009 to the organizers.